Who we are

We are the part of the Group of companies responsible for construction and management of fiber optic networks. Fiberhost S.A. (formerly INEA S.A.) has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications market.


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Sustainable development

Sustainable development implies managing our planet's resources in such a way as not to decrease our chances of meeting the needs of future generations.

Our actions, thoughts, and actions have an enormous impact on how our planet functions now and will continue to do so. The condition of the planet in the future depends on how we treat it today.

For this reason, it's not just about changing habits, but also about creating awareness and educating.

Three of the 17 United Nations goals identified in its resolution on September 25, 2015 have been chosen by our employees as being the most important. They include measures to combat climate change and its effects, to achieve gender equality and strengthen the role of women, as well as to combat digital exclusion.

Care about the environment

Our goal is zero CO₂ emissions by 2030. We have started investment in the use of electricity generated by renewable energy sources (RES). In 2021,
we started activities under the "EKO Flota" program, which will allow
us to reduce CO₂ emissions by 37.5% by 2025. As a result, 80% of our fleet will be made up of more ecological and environmentally friendly cars.

As part of our environmental activities, we also take care of bees and hives - we have our own apiary. As a result, we gave the house to 150 thousand bees and the honey they make goes to our employees.

In addition, we care about our surroundings, which is why we have implemented an initiative of planting honey plants in the city and run
a clean-up campaign with our employees every year.

At the end of 2021, we created a special team "Planet Mates" for people from our organization who are particularly passionate about ecology and environmental protection.

Support professionally active women

We assist professionally active women in developing self-esteem and striving for career advancement. We create a space for women to combine their professional and private lives, and, thanks to that, fulfill themselves on a professional level. Women currently make up nearly 30% of our management staff. We also achieve equal levels of salary for equivalent positions.

Through our open office formula and flexible working hours, we support women coming back from maternity leave, enabling them to re-enter the workforce. We run a number of webinars and workshops for women in our organization. Our #KobietyJakRakiety series also recognizes outstanding women in the company each month.

Counteract digital exclusion

This pillar of our sustainable development strategy is the most connected to the scope of our activity. Over the years, our mission has been to build and maintain a reliable, sustainable, and stable fiber-optic network. We carry out various activities and investments whose goal is to provide equal access to high-speed Internet for as many people as possible.

We are the largest recipient of subsidized programs in Poland, supporting the construction of fiber-optic networks in areas that have never previously had fiber-optic network access.

However, we want to do more - that's why we build our networks with the latest Fiber-to-The-Home (FTTH) technology.

All of the networks we build are open networks. This means that we make them available to all interested telecommunications service operators. Thanks to that, the residents of our country can use the Internet in a fast, safe,
and stable manner. Not only is this model the future of telecommunications,
but it is also the best way to use our planet's resources.


What is Compliance?

Compliance refers to acting according to the law, standards, regulations, and recommendations. The Compliance System ensures that the organization operates in compliance with the law in order to avoid financial losses or reputational damage.

Compliance at Fiberhost

With the Compliance Program, the Group is able to maintain a high level of business standards and eliminate potential irregularities.
In addition, the Program supports the Group to conduct its activities honestly and in accordance with generally applicable laws. It includes documents such as a code of ethics and rules for accepting or giving gifts. The Compliance Program is designed to address the needs and concerns of all employees of the Group and applies to all of them.

Main areas of Compliance

These areas are actively monitored by compliance:
● Conflict of interest prevention
● Corruption prevention
● Freedom of competition protection
● Providing clients with fair and professional treatment
● Protecting personal data and sensitive information
● Discrimination prevention
● Observing health and safety regulations

Fiberhost and its affiliates must comply with the above areas.

We Care – corporate responsibility report

We are aware of the importance of our actions, because today we have a real impact on the digital and technological landscape of our country. Therefore, for years we have been involved in activities supporting local communities, aimed at protecting our planet's resources or minimizing our carbon footprint.